Life is rollin by

We had a fantastic trip to Idaho! We stayed in Denver a few days with friends and many days coming and going in Vernal, Ut. The kids finally got to meat all their aunts, uncles, and cousins. Everyone had someone their age! The kids were very well behaved too!
Now the school year is starting this week for everyone but Annika. Whitley is heading about an hour and 15 minutes away to Southern Virginia University, which is mainly LDS. Tessa is now 14 and going in to high school this year! I am gonna try to get some pics up soon-HOPEFULLY

Pictures check it out !!!!

What a month!

Whit had her gall bladder out in February. Since she has had several x-rays, kidney infections, migraines that don't really end, Endoscopy, and she will get a scan of her head tomorrow.She has fallen down the stairs twice, which kinda makes me happy she isn't allowed by doc to play sports this year. What a fun ride.
Tessa put her fingers under Whit's car as she drove off this morning trying to get her phone. They were both smashed but her hand is not broken.

Governors Ball

We were invited to go to the Governor's inauguration and the ball that night. We will probably take the kids to the afternoon festivities. Something different for us.

New Web Theme

I just designed a new custom theme for the site. Everything appears to be working well. Hope you like it!


Sorry for those who check this. For some reason the end of summer gets Tony real busy and he puts photos up for me. Promise to get a bunch of pics up soon:) imported-486

A day at the beach

Sandy French-Fries



Mikel just after turning 16

Mikel imported-480

Myrtle Beach

I Gotz Ur Bucket!
Hot Tub Girls


Why take pictures of plain old fireworks when your kids are playing with smoke bombs?

Click the picture for a bigger version and one of Mikel as well.

Fart imported-474