It's that time of year again!

Time to start disassembling the Christmas decorations. I checked the weather and Saturday is supposed to be in the 50's with nice weather, so I guess that's the day I climb back on the roof. Perhaps this year I can get the decorations off the house before November.

Merry Christmas!

In honor of this wonderful religious holiday (yes, darn-it, it's not 'Happy Holidays', it's 'Merry Christmas' for me) I've put together a portfolio of Christmas lights and decorations for your enjoyment:

My house stops cars

In the big (hehe) town of Huntsville, Alabama, the schools weren't allowed to celebrate 'Christmas.' The concept is that you can't discriminate against the atheists, Jews, Muslim's, etc by showing a nativity scene or singing a song that uses the word 'Christmas' or 'Christ.' Same goes for Halloween - all they get is a 'fall festival'.

Decapitation machine

The previous owners left me a decapitation machine. Perhaps that wasn't the original goal, but the living room ceiling fan was mounted... less that properly.

Christmas lights - almost done

Well it's been 4 days of work in my spare time, but the only lights left to put up is the candy-cane arch.

Some of you may remember this picture from last year:

Well I've added a bit more this year. The roofline has 6 more strands of lights than last year, and I've added more lights in the front porch (which you can't see.) The lights to the peak on the back side are new this year - last year I stopped before doing the back side of the house, and I added colored lights to the second level roofline. The Christmas card with spotlight is new this year as well:


Geez only in WV

Why has my air conditioner still not arrived for the server room at the office yet? 'He said everyone went hunting last week, so they are trying to get back on schedule.' imported-194

Finally took down the Christmas Lights

Wow isn't that weird to say? Hehe, what can I say I'm backwards. Last night I finally took the Christmas lights off the house from last year. I didn't have the guts to get up on the roof and take them down at the end of last season and expected to have a new roof put on, so I just left them. I thought for a few minutes I might just plug them in this year, but some didn't work and the ones that did... smelled. I figured better to be safe than burn down the house so down they came.

Wild hairs and paint go together nicely

This weekend I was planning to install another window, but due to the state of the kids' rooms, I couldn't get to either one of them.
I decided instead it was time to paint the living room, since everyone else was out of the house. I've never tried to paint a room before while the furniture was still in it, and it was quite a pain in the rear.

This house could use a houseblog

Not to mention it could use a demolition and rebuild from scratch. Unfortunately it's been ignored for decades. I pass this periodically when going to Roanoke. At one time it was gorgeous, I'm sure:


The door that's a find

I'm not one to usually just 'browse' a store, but for some reason I decided to do a bit of hardware store browsing this weekend. I was getting some boards to use to replace some rotted trim around one window and decided after leaving Lowe's to drop by Neathawk's lumber, just for the heck of it. Outside they had about 10 doors lined up on clearance - most with some sort of damage to the trim or frame. I found the perfect closet door for my daughter's room for $30, prehung.

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