Spam from allremodel

I've been consistantly receiving spam from allremodel . com recently - it's coming from an offshore Indian spamming service, but still violates the can-spam act, and the company that's having the spam sent is USA based. They also have been unresponsive regarding having them stop sending me the crap. I urge all readers who have received spam from them to forward it to with the full headers intact. Each copy of the spam is worth up to an $11,000 fine from the FTC. imported-143

Neighbors suck part 3

Well my fine upstanding neighbor has posted a no-tresspassing sign and told the kids that if any of them try to retrieve any balls or other toys that land in her yard she will call the cops. She also has already 'stolen' 2 or 3 balls that happened to bounce in her yard from neighborhood kids. I think this woman was abused as a child or something and is scarred for life.

The old stump

There's an old stump in the back yard that I've been meaning to get rid of, and my wife wants to make a table out of. We've argued over it for quite some time now, kind of half-heartedly because neither of us wants to do anything about it.
Well, someone else has taken an interest in it. The picture was taken at quite a distance and zoomed in, so the quality isn't that great, but getting any closer would certainly have spooked him. You can also see just how high my grass had grown due to recent rains.

Home renovation helper software

So I just finished setting up my new computer and thought to myself 'You should write some home renovation helper software of some sort. Something that would be helpful to your readers!'
But, I'm stumped. I'm good with databases. I'm not prepared to tackle anything blog integrated right now (not beyond me, but just don't have the time.) Whatever I write will work in both Windows and Linux, and be a free download.

But I'm stumped. I can't think of anything that wouldn't just be a glorified TODO list.

Fly away

Ok, it's not home renovation, but this is too cool. While I was out of town, the babysitter tooks the two youngest out for falconry.
Yes. Falconry. Real hunting falcons. See photo:


Here's the bed pics

Yeah, I know, it's almost... weird... to post pictures of my bed, but hey, what can I say? I'm a photo hog. Anyway, the bedframe was $399 at Grand Home Furnishings (notice I did NOT buy it from John Eye Big Sandy.) I don't think I could have made a frame from pine for that price.

Finally, a bed!

I've been married for 15 years now, and out of that time I think we've had a bed frame for about two years before we broke it - but it was very cheap anyway and was a garage sale item we picked up. The rest of the time the mattress, and later box-springs and mattress, sat on the floor.

Neighbors suck part 2

I know many of you are probably waiting to hear the end of the story, so I had to do a follow up. My wife kept suggesting that he get a flat tire or four, but I explained that I wasn't vindictive about it and I'd give him until Monday to move it. And that if it wasn't moved by Monday I was having it towed while he was at work. I already had the tow truck company lined up.

Neighbors suck.

Let me give you a bit of background. My house sits on a corner lot, actually two lots to be accurate, on the inside-corner of the L. There are two houses directly opposite mine on one side, and a house set into a lot on the other side of the street in the corner.
Very few houses in this town have driveways. I don't, and the city allows us to park on the edge of the road - in fact they even paved an area for me to park my cars on. The house on the other side in the corner lot (the outside corner) happens to be one of the few with a driveway.

A hail of a good time

Wow, it sounded like a machine gun hitting the house for a good 2 minutes. See the attached photos. It was truly golf-ball sized hail. I've seen marble sized before and that stuff hurts - this was rock solid golf ball sized and could have put you in the hospital! I haven't yet checked the truck and van to make sure there are no broken windows. On a side note, my daughter suddenly screamed 'my window's open!' Her room is the one recently remodeled, and she'd opened a window earlier in the day. I ran upstairs and only a slight amount of water was on the window sill, thankfully.

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