Playing hide-n-seek?

Well spring is beginning to sprung. My daughter took this photo out front of the porch - notice that the flowers are playing hide and seek - see the one facing the wall counting while the others try to run away? :-P


A new foundation

Some of you may recall the post I made last October about a house I investigated buying. It had severe foundation problems - or at least I assumed so, so I passed.
Well the new owner thought he could just 'level' the house but told me he was somewhat surprised to learn it would be more involved.

He's in the process of pouring a new foundation for it:

I weighed in the results of the vote and decided:

I might just do the porch first. I'm still torn - you guys all voted for the other bedroom, but I just keep thinking about the weather. Where we live the average summers are VERY mild and perfect for outdoor entertaining. Even though it's 40 degrees outside right now, I've got spring fever since going to Nashville last week and seeing the dogwoods in bloom. Another 2 months and our plants will be blooming too!

And you thought YOU had a big boiler...

Hehe, take a look at these mugs. There's no light in the room, so all the light is camera flash. These things were probably last used in the early 1980's. At least I THINK these are boilers. One theory is that this room was for chilled water to cool the plant.


How much do YOU weigh?

Don't you wish you had a scale like this?
Darn thing still works perfectly - and it's much more accurate than any digital scale I've worked with!


Here's one BIG renovation project

Work is renovating a new factory building to be used for offices and warehouse space. Here's a photo from the inside - keep in mind there's no lighting yet.

And the second, newer addition to the main building. The large bay door is open behind me providing sunlight - you could drive a full length 18-wheeler into this room through the door.

Off Topic: The horrible Olympic coverage this year

Has anyone else been as disgusted as me with the reporting of the Olympics this year? NBC has degraded from the prestigious tradition of olympic coverage into tabloid journalism.
Case in point: Sasha gets a silver medal. The post-performance interview goes something like this: 'So how did you feel when you fell? Were you crushed that you didn't get gold? Your knee was wrapped - is that why you sucked because of an injury? Would you please cry on camera for our viewers because you suck so bad?'

I'm slow, I know

Well, I finally got a bit of warm weather (I know, we had 10 inches of snow 2 days ago!) and a few minutes of time so I decided to take down more of the Christmas lights.
Yes, I said more because I still have some on the peak of the second story.


We got a good bit of snow

Well the storm that dumped on the East Coast dumped on us too. Here's a picture out the backyard:

Wow, people use cellphones to browse!

Check out a snapshot of operating systems visiting one of my servers. Symbian OS actually appears! And there's still a WebTV user out there somewhere...

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