08/12/05: Me + terrified of heights + this...

Well, I replaced my second window. Also upstairs, but this time without a porch to stand on.

I had NO idea that an extension ladder would bend and sway that much! I ran into two hiccups this time - the window sill was pretty rotted. Wood epoxy has come a long way - first I treated the wood with a drying agent to dry out any moisture still in it, then I filled it with a two part wood patch epoxy that hardened like steel afterwards.

The second problem was that the black stripe that was above that window on the outside wasn't just the wood behind the siding like I'd always thought. I literally had a 2 inch high, 32 inch wide HOLE in the side of the house from where the people putting up the siding screwed it up. It was large enough that there were leaves inside the wall. I filled the gap with expanding foam, then covered with a piece of trim, painted white.

08/09/05: Coming out of the closet

Well, I got the closet framed in and most of the sheetrock up in the bedroom. Still need to put up joint compound, sand and paint. You can also see the ceiling fan I added.

Here's a before picture, but facing the other way - there was no closet to begin with and I never took a photo that direction.:

08/01/05: Finally grounded!

My house wasn't grounded- no ground for the breaker box, meter, cable or phone.

This weekend I drove me an 8' ground round and grounded the breaker box and cable. My phone access box is so old I'm not exactly sure how to even ground it, but at least I can feel more comfortable around these summer thunderstorms!