09/26/05: Yep, that's me!

My brother-in-law came to visit. We have this arrangement, you see... I go to his house and I have to help him fix his computer. He comes to mine, he has to help me level my house.

Yep. We went through the floor in the "cupboard under the stairs" (move aside, harry...). This pic is of me digging a hole for us to fit so we could jack the center of the house up around four inches to level it.

Now I have to re-spackle the ceiling edges in the room I've been renovating. The ceiling separated from the drywall on the two inside walls. Thank goodness I procrastinated and hadn't started painting it yet. We added several other cracks in the plaster around the house too, but that was expected. Better to do it now than after I'd re-sheetrocked the bedrooms.

09/13/05: The tool made in Heaven

Well, I've sanded the ceiling (yes, the CEILING) and put in the first coat of drywall joint compound.

A friend mentioned to me that he would recommend I get a corner trowel. I'd never used one and figured "one room, I could handle it without special tools" but he was adamant. Let me tell you, this tool has saved me somewhere between 4 and 6 hours of work! I think it's the best $7.50 I've spent the entire project.