06/19/06: Road trip

Wow, I knew it was hard to get Internet access in West Virginia, but it's amazing what some people will do:

Okay, okay, it's actually a radio telescope, and just two of the tiny ones there. I drove the three youngest up Friday night to see the observatory. They were already closed to tours, and you can't drive back there. We walked about a mile in to the smaller dishes, but the giagantic dish was still about 4 miles back from the looks of it. I couldn't even get close enough to get a good picture of the big one:

I saw several old houses I planned to stop and get photos of on the trip back, but it turned dark as we were leaving.

06/05/06: Completed roof for work, and home lawn care

Wow, I wish I had a before shot of this. Originally you couldn't see around 1/4 of the roof due to all of the heavy equipment mounted on it (A/C, vents, etc.)

I took advantage of the nice weather this weekend to remove the old stump in the back yard - remember the one the woodpecker was pecking on? It wasn't hard - two good shoves and it came right out of the ground it was so rotted. I also spread insecticide and mole repellent on the lawn. The previous owner's dogs had constantly dug, and I believe they were after the moles. I haven't had moles since we first moved in, to my knowledge, after the dogs and cats killed 5 or 6. Still, I thought it might be nice to make sure.

If anyone knows a good way to fill in around 80 small holes in the yard without having to pay someone to till the whole thing, I'm open to suggestions. I have already spread 8 bags of topsoil, but it really hasn't made a dent.